BRHS PTO Hosts First Annual Dodgeball Tournament

A new BRHS tradition was made on March 10 with an intense tournament that doubled as a PTO fundraiser.

Meera Gharat and Sam Manongsong

Photos taken by Sam Manongsong.

On Friday, March 10, the school gym filled with over 100 competitors and even more spectators in the stands for BRHS’s first annual Dodgeball Tournament. The competition was held in a double-elimination style, with 15 teams of BRHS students and Board of Education members.

In an intense final round, team Sorrryyy Bout That faced off against the Average Joe’s to win the title of first-ever BRHS Dodgeball Tournament Champions. Game 1 of the finals went to Sorrryyy Bout That. But with the double-elimination rules, the Average Joe’s had another opportunity to compete for first place. Game 2 ended with a tie after overtime.

Finally, in the sudden death round, the Average Joe’s came out on top, winning the trophy for the night.

Junior Joe Locrotando captained the winning team, which included juniors Anthony Confalone, Annabel Frank, Logan Krizan, Tommy Larsen, Joe Spirra, and Colin Woodring along with senior Amanda Winchock.

Along with the Average Joe’s, other teams took gold in different contests. The BBK’s won the team costume contest, and Great Balls of Fire won “Best Team Name”.

BRHS’s Unified Basketball team helped make the event even better with a halftime showcase alongside P.E. Partners. The team also took home a trophy for their performance.

The Prowler interviewed Adriana D’Arco, PTO Co-Vice President, on the success of the night. According to her, the idea for a tournament fundraiser was formed by the BRHS PTO Board of Trustees last summer. She said the goal was “to create an event that has never been done before­ — that would not only ignite school spirit but raise money for the PTO. In speaking with some students, dodgeball was the first word that came to mind.”

The collective work of many administration, faculty, students, and community members was all needed to make the epic night possible. The PTO began planning for the tournament in early fall with full encouragement and guidance from Principal Hemberger. Adam Pyle, P.E. teacher, was named co-Tournament Director along with D’Arco. His partnership and contributions were necessary to organize the large-scale fundraiser. 

Along with the directors, P.E. teachers Jim Casey, Kristin Bonzcek, Craig Miller, and Dylan Damabrosio volunteered to set up courts and officiate games for the big night. BRTV and BRHS Yearbook Staff also helped advertise and document the event in the weeks previous. During the event, parent volunteers and NHS members helped make sure the games ran smoothly.

Community donors helped contribute to prizes for the raffles held during the night. A special thanks also goes to Quantum Wellness of Bedminster, who donated a 1-hour flotation therapy session to each member of the winning team, and the event’s five generous sponsors: Club Pilates of Bridgewater, Barry’s Appliance, Summit Medical Group, Deck Guardian, and NJ Siding & Windows. 

Seniors Anthony D’Arco and Bryce Pantozzi served as the tournament committee’s student representatives. Acting as the voice of the BRHS student body, the two seniors brought imagination and creativity to the table, thinking through the many intricate details needed to bring the tournament to life.

Anthony D’Arco said, “It was amazing to see months of work pay off in such a great event. I was gratefully shocked to see the support from so many spectators and the spirited competitiveness from the players.”

Both he and Bryce Pantozzi played on the team Great Balls of Fire. Bryce said, “We created our dodgeball team full of BRHS athletes from across different sports. I have never seen them so competitive like they were during this tournament…not even in their own sports.”

Adriana D’Arco closed off the interview with a reflection on the night’s success. To her, “the dodgeball tournament was a great activity to bring together our school district, students, faculty, and parents alike. We received astounding feedback from players and spectators and hope that the future BRHS PTO will continue to make this event an annual tradition.”

The student body continues to look forward to new and exciting events like the annual Dodgeball Tournament to engage the community while supporting the BRHS PTO.