The Dragon Prince Season 4 Review

Venba Chandrababu, Writer

After a three-year hiatus, the fourth season of The Dragon Prince was released Nov. 22, 2022 on Netflix. 

The new season leaves its fans with a variety of different opinions. Though some viewers claim the season was underwhelming, many argue it provides a strong foundation for the show to continue in a new direction with The Mystery Aaravos.

Aaravos is a malicious elf that has been imprisoned. He manipulates two powerful mages in an attempt to free himself. Callum and Ezran, the princes of the kingdom of Xadia, venture on a quest to prevent this great ancient evil from being unleashed onto their realm along with their companions Rayla, an assassin, Soren a knight and Zym, a dragon.. 

This season introduces new characters, conflicts and goals with touching beautifully written lessons in empathy, kindness and braveness. This show is written masterfully with incredible visuals, plot, and characters making it enjoyable for viewers of all ages. 

Season four is filled with immense representation in all aspects ranging from a strong deaf character, same-sex couples, transgender and non-binary characters, and characters of various different ethnicities. The manner in which they handle this representation is truly commendable as never once do the writers make the minorities seem out of place or odd. Every minority group represented is done so in a way that feels natural and is simply a part of the world.   

The show has been renewed for an additional three seasons with nine episodes each in which the storyline will be expanded on. The release date of  the fifth season is speculated to be in the middle of 2023.