Mardi Gras Celebration in French Classrooms

Paritosh Bhole, Writer

The French classrooms in Bridgewater-Raritan High School (BRHS) decided to get into the spirit of an iconic French holiday by celebrating the traditions and culture surrounding Mardi Gras.

With a rich history and even richer food, the holiday is cherished and loved by many around the world.

As the day right before the beginning of the season of Lent, people in France along with the city of New Orleans celebrate by eating a variety of treats and foods to offset the fasting that is to come.

The food is simply the surface of Mardi Gras traditions.

At BRHS, French classrooms plan to set out a separate class period for a cultural experience that is surrounded by food and activities. In contrast to contemporary celebrations, Mardi Gras was originally a part of pagan culture and symbolized the concept of spring. However, these ancient traditions revolved around the ideas of the church and religion.

In modern times, of course, the holiday evolved into something more social and involving. For example, krewes were likely uncommon during the time leading up to Lent.

Today, these groups liven up the streets in both the United States and regions of Europe. Regardless, certain aspects of the spirit of Mardi Gras have remained. It is still a time of celebrating culture and culinary history.

Here at our high school, an abundance of unique foods is expected to be a part of the cultural experience.

From French-branded biscuits and croissants to homemade crêpes and éclairs, the experience will have it all. The main objective of these experiences is to allow students to embrace French culture and take part in activities that are celebrated around the world.

Furthermore, the French Club is the host of a mask decorating contest on February 28; creating masks is one of the most iconic Mardi Gras traditions. The event will be held in Room 1021 at the high school.

The event is open to all students who would like to join and are willing to pay a $3 fee. There are certainly a lot of ways for BRHS students to be surrounded by the love and spirit of Mardi Gras.