Club Spotlight: National Art Honor Society

“NAHS members have a great passion for art, and we want to use the club to spread that love and appreciation.”

Sophia Mendoza, Writer

The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is one of a plethora of societies here at Bridgewater-Raritan High School (BRHS).

With its focus on art and creative design, it is able to “create a wonderful sense of community for those who want to be artists but don’t know where to start,” said Co-President Angela Xu. 

NAHS has a community of about 40 members and with the removal of most Covid-19 protocols, the club will be able to get back to some of its more notable projects this year, such as putting up murals around the high school campus grounds.

NAHS plans to paint a mural of a panther in the school’s colors, so more school spirit can prowl the halls of the 1000 building. They also intend to do some smaller projects to brighten up classrooms across the school.

Continuing its focus on being involved in art exhibits, whether it is finding its way through the Met Gallery in New York or helping out in BRHS’s local Fine Arts Festival in May, the club plans to do it all.

Co-President Priya Singh explains, “Overall, we just want to bring art back into the limelight for our community and members.”

Singh also goes on to explain that while the society is based at the high school, the goal is for the club to have an overarching impact on the student community of the district as a whole. She told The Prowler that “NAHS members have a great passion for art, and we want to use the club to spread that love and appreciation.”

Future club plans even include finding ways to branch out to other schools and give younger Panther cubs “the opportunity to create and express themselves with art,” says Singh.

While applications for the 2022-2023 school year are officially closed, students can still look for ways to participate in the high school art program by signing up for classes and participating in events organized by the society. Everything from photography to ceramics is offered as an elective, and there will be several card or bookmark sales throughout the year that can be purchased to help support the club.

The District Art Exhibit of the Festival of Arts is being held on May 17 at BRHS, so consider bringing a friend or two to see the students’ masterpieces. The Festival features work from all grade levels and is a beautiful culmination of what the art community has to offer.