2023: A Year of Potential

Paritosh Bhole, Writer

As the world says goodbye to 2022, people across the globe recount all the memories and experiences over the course of the year.

New Year’s Day is a time to look back on everything that has happened in the previous year, both the good and the bad. However, on the other side of this holiday’s coin is the introduction of a new Gregorian calendar year. One of the most common traditions around this time of year is making New Year’s resolutions, a method to set up what the upcoming year has in store. Along with resolutions lies the international speculation of what could occur in the next twelve months.

These past few years have been eventful, to say the least, but there is much more to come in 2023. 

Last year was tearful for Britain as the world mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022. Recognizing the worldwide impact that Her Majesty has had over her 70-year-long reign, King Charles III, the most wealthy of the royal family, was set to succeed the throne. The coronation will go down in history as the first male monarchy in the 21st century. It will certainly take time to adjust to the new monarch, especially after Queen Elizabeth II’s long tenure, but it will be a significant moment for Britain as a whole. 

The Walt Disney Company has been one of the most influential businesses in modern history, ever since its founding in October 1923. The brand has become a household name and recognizable to crowds in practically every country for its countless cartoons and film productions. 2023 will mark the centennial celebration of the company.

For such a historic moment, the company has planned various events and productions to commemorate its long-lasting success. To the world, Disney has passed a line that has given itself a chance to establish a legacy that will remain for decades, possibly centuries to come. 

In a world that is fueled by advanced technology, it is difficult to think about the future without looking at how technology may progress. A multitude of aspects in the tech space is expected to see noteworthy advancements in this upcoming year. From folding smartphones to electric cars, and to artificially-intelligent content: the possibilities seem to be flooding. Businesses like Apple and Google are observed closely for their every move; everyone wants to know how, or even whether, they will enter the market of folding phones.

Electric cars are storming through the automobile industry as each day sees more and more of them on the road. Last, but far from the least, is the world of artificial intelligence. 2022 saw a surge in pictures, images, text, videos, and media in general that were formed independently by artificial intelligence programs. Companies, such as OpenAI, are treading into a world where AI can revolutionize the creative field. There is not much clarity on what the future holds, but there is promise. 

Though the world may see history being made in 2023, all of us are still able to go through changes that we will recall for the rest of our lives. Whether it be trying something you have never done before or meeting new people for the first time, we all will walk new paths. The New Year is here, and it is up to us to make the most of it. Make memories, meet new people, and look after yourself. 


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